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We’re always amazed by baseball fans who think creatively and act quickly in their attempts to secure a treasured home run or foul ball. However, I think we’ve found the one fan whose efforts not only take the cake, but the soda, popcorn, and the nachos as well. Our fan was in the Rogers Centre […]

LAS VEGAS – Team USA has already dealt with its share of challenges in the opening week of training camp, and plenty of questions still remain on the Americans’ road to London. Contract situations, fatigue and injuries limited the progress of Team USA. Three players – Eric Gordon, Rudy Gay and Anthony Davis – were cut and […]

Well, you had to figure Adrian Gonzalez being scratched (illness) from the Boston Red Sox lineup at the last minute on Friday night could create a hole for them defensively. And of course, it most certainly did, but not in a way you would expect. Gonzalez’s replacement for the night, Mauro Gomez, is not the […]