Our DJ entertainment packages will always include a professional dressed entertainer, and our full sound system. We customize our events in order to ensure a quality experience for our clients. All events will have a wide variety of danceable music ranging from the oldies up to the newest top forty, country, and rock & roll music.

What makes our selection of music even better is that we bring our entire music library to every event over 100,000 songs this makes it easy to honor just about any request that could possibly be made. The State to State DJ’s use 100% digital mp3.



Cocktail Music?
No problem! We will be set up and ready whenever you are. When your guests arrive we will be ready to play any type of music that will make your cocktail hour more enjoyable. Your guests are just arriving, and want to say hi, and talk the volume will allow this. Your entertainer will also be ready to handle any introductions or special announcements.



Dinner Music?
When it’s time to eat, we’re there and ready to tone it down. Whether you prefer a soft rock or mild jazz, we will be providing the background music for you, and your guests to enjoy while you eat and socialize. You will also have complete microphone access for prayers, toasts, or special announcements. We will also work with the catering staff to make sure every thing stays on time.



Dance Music
When your ready to dance…. We are too… Your Disc Jockey will watch and when its appropriate the dancing will start. We always take requests and have no problems playing songs you have selected at the appropriate times. Your DJ will make any necessary announcements throughout the evening. We continue to provide your musical entertainment until your reception site closes for the evening.




DJ entertainment prices are based on numerous factors:

1. Weddings often require the most pre-planning and pre-event work, while private parties usually require the least.
2. Experience level of the DJ, as with most other services, the vendors with the most experience or expertise and professionalism will charge higher rates.
3. Also the amount of equipment needed will be considered in the rates.
4. Travel charges (Gas etc…), Parking Expenses.
5. Some venues are extreamly difficult loading in and out of over 500lbs of professional grade equipment.
6. Website development, Advertising fees, Music updating, Equipment, Transportation, Repair, Maintenece, Taxes, Phones…etc and there are more.
7. Insurance over $1 million Dollars in coverage .
8. Pay for DJ



A “cheap” price usually means a cheap party, . . . be careful especially of craigslist. We have had too many calls about “no show” craigslist DJ services.



The quality of the sound equipment, and variety of music: This is perhaps the most tangible aspect that the customer will experience first hand.

The sound quality and wide music selection is a factor that will raise the overall cost of a DJ service in the form of overhead, (premium sound equipment and thousands of songs are expensive, beware – some companies cut corners here).

The best DJ equipment and an expansive music library will give the most value to the client and guests (that’s what you’re paying for, clean sounding music that YOU like).